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About Living Darian

New King Records
INDIE POP | Commercial Blues Rap

       Multi-talented Darian Pellman Aka Living Darian / L.D. has always been

destined for greatness.

“What doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.”

     Darian was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to a young, Irish woman named, Sheila Faye Owen. His father was Calvin Goshade who, Played Guitar with legends such as James Brown. During Sheilas’ pregnancy &  Darian’s birth, his father was on tour and didn’t know he had a son. Darian was raised with his two younger sisters by his young, single mother. Unfortunately, Darian’s mom died of cancer 10 days before his 5th birthday. She picked out a Place for him and his 2 younger sisters to live but sexual abuse made the living situation short lived. His sisters were adopted, and Darian moved 13 times over the next 3 years before being adopted by the two people that saved his life… his parents Marilyn & William Pellman. Thus his story truly began. He delved into music and found his calling. Darian began in music at age 10 by learning the drums. He started writing his own music at 14, recording at 16 and had his own studio at 18. Darian Was the executive producer of a group entitled: Non-Fiction, which he was a member of for over 7 years. The group was very talented; however, other members didn’t take music as seriously as L.D., so he went solo— and has been ever since.

     Darian’s music is basically Hip Hop but, has heavy blues and rock influences He claims he can make any style of music. Listening to his album, “Whatever It Takes” we see why… It’s eclectic & riddled with unexpectancies. Darian now also plays the guitar and piano but, the most popular aspect of this artist is his voice. He sings and raps; sometimes at the same time. He has an array of talents.

      Years later he got a degree in audio/ video production. In addition to being an artist, he ran a professional audio/video production company, called Wide Eyed Entertainment. He has worked for Clear Channel, as an audio engineer and other local TV stations. He wrote scripts, shot and edited weekly aired show on commercial television called “Passport to new homes”. The versatile artist has done numerous freelance projects, which aired on BET, CBS, FOX and more). He now owns a property management & commercial cleaning company in Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to being the founder of World Wide Radio Airplay, The Empowerment Network, Cincinnati Music Academy and his Indie Record Label, New King Records.

After wasting a lot of time on street dreams, drugs, money, Darian finally lives life like it’s important to him. Everyday is meaningful and productive. It took some getting in trouble but it stuck. Asked, what’s the driving force behind your music, he says, “The most important things to me are God and my family”. “What drives me is the legacy that I want to leave; not only for my kids but everyone”. “I want to be able to change things for the better. I owe too many people not too give everything I got, to everything I do; Everyday”.

Music is in LD’s Blood

Darian finally got the chance to meet his father through the late R&B guitarist Phelps “CatfishCollins. His father actually was the one who put a guitar in funk legend guitarist Bootsy Collins’ hand. Calvin Goshade who was signed with Atlantic Records and played with James Brown & Ottis Williams, still plays today with a group call the regencies.

LD’s father is actually planning to make some great blues music with his long lost son. Darian loves the blues & it’s in his blood. His grandfather was a preacher from Alabama, Who played the guitar, while his Grand-mother sang and played the piano.

Living Darian just released his biggest song to date and people are loving this smash hit party anthem. He will be all over the place performing and promoting his singles and is promising a tour.

You can listen to Living Darian’s Newest Music First HERE:


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